In 1997, Bethel Community Foundation (BFC), Inc. was filed as a private non-profit organization with the State of Florida. In 1998, Bethel operated a private Christian-based pre-school and subsequently a secondary school (K-12). Separate from our education services, Bethel Community Foundation also offers Truancy Intervention Program Services to assist chronically truant and at-risk students successfully integrate into education settings. We work with traditional, alternative and private schools to find an appropriate environment in which students can thrive.

It has always been the Board’s desire to provide services beyond academics and to serve the entire St. Petersburg area. Our Mission has always been to provide services that strengthen the whole person emotional, physical and spiritual. Our vision is to provide the community with access to services that strengthen the entire family, from the youngest school-age family member to the most senior.

Bethel Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3), a non-profit tax-exempt agency. Non-Taxable contributions are welcomed.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will go directly toward helping those in need in your community.

Please make checks payable to Bethel Community Foundation, Inc.


Juvenile Welfare Board Children Services Council

State Department Juvenile Justice through Florida Network of Youth & Family Services