Portrait of two modern young women discussing work sitting at table in cafe during business meeting or job interview

This year’s Summer Bridge School-To-Work Readiness program prepared 23 students, ages 14-17 years old, to achieve success in today’s job market. Part of their job preparedness included researching and writing a career goal plan. Additionally, students participated in workshops which prepared them to become successful employees and future supervisors and managers.

At the conclusion of the program, each student received a diploma and a $200 stipend for successfully completing program requirements. Students also had the opportunity to interview for jobs with several employees in the community. Local employers included Westminster Shores, Publix and McDonald’s.

For additional information about the program and how you can participate, please click on the link below. Or call our offices and ask to speak with one of the instructors. Instructors included Constance Shaw, Abram Jones, Vincent Lisbon and William Thomas. The program director is James Myles.

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